In VODANOVIC LEGAL we are known for providing personalized attention to our clients, serving as legal support in their decision-making process.

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About Us

We are a legal firm specialized in financial regulation, prepared to provide our clients with expert and timely consultancy. We aim to be the legal support that helps to develop a more efficient and inclusive financial market, that relies in technology to innovate and that keep high standards of regulatory compliance.

Why a specialized firm?
While demand in legal affairs of financial regulation is greater and more sophisticated due to the financial industry evolution, expert and specialized supply is limited.
The legal firms are focused in the traditional areas of law, so a specialized consultancy is necessary to understand the financial industry and to help the development of financial business, with the appropriate legal advice that may allow the preventions of legal risks.

What do we do?

We help our clients to achieve their goals in the most efficient way allowed by laws and regulations.

How do we do it?

We know the local and international regulations relevant to the financial markets, their objectives, how the authorities perform and how the industry works. All of this allows us to help our clients to achieve the purpose they seek using the best possible ways.

Ethical Commitment

It is a commitment of VODANOVIC LEGAL and of each one of its lawyers, employees and representatives, to maintain in every moment a professional behavior, aligned with the ethical principles of the legal practice and the anti-corruption regulations. To this effect, VODANOVIC LEGAL does not participate, authorize, perform or attest, under no circumstances, practices that seek to influence over public officials to obtain illegal or improper advantages, of any nature, in favor of their clients.

Our team


In VODANOVIC LEGAL we are proud of our recognitions and of being supportive of the financial market growth.

“The practice of Ljubica Vodanovic of Vodanovic Legal covers lending crowdfunding, Fintech and licenses of financial entities. One of its clients praises her sharpness, depth of analysis and specialized vision of financial issues. Others appreciate her capacity for comprehensive analysis and her extensive knowledge in financial regulation. “

According to the 2018 ranking published by the prestigious English magazine Chambers and Partners, Ljubica Vodanovic is considered one of the leading lawyers in banking and financial regulation in Peru, highlighting her extensive knowledge and experience in financial regulation both locally and internationally, as well as the precision, involvement, dedication and effectiveness in the tasks entrusted to her.

Some of our clients

Consulting for regulatory and supervisory improvements in business collaboration contracts between financial entities and their related parties.

Expert workshop on financial regulation for bank officials and expert report on Blockchain.

Legal advice to Banco de Crédito del Peru (BCP) in its legal and regulatory questions, especially related to its digital financial services.

Advising INTERBANK in its legal and regulatory doubts.

Legal consultancy for the implementation of management standards of the market conduct in Scotiabank Peru.

Legal consultancy for the implementation of corporate governance rules in the Financial corporation development (Corporacion Financiera de Desarrollo COFIDE).

Advising for Banco Santander Peru in legal regulatory inquiries.

Legal consultancy for the implementation of corporate governance rules and integral risk management of Banco de Comercio.

Legal consultancy for the implementation of corporate governance rules and integral risk management in Financiera compartamos. Consultancy in legal regulatory inquiries.

Afluenta has developed the first platform of crowdlending in Peru. Consultancy in legal regulatory inquiries.

Preparation of contractual and legal documents for the implementation of its financial services.

Legal advice to Edpyme Inversiones La Cruz in all of its operations.

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