Strategic Partnerships

We generate synergies and cooperation with various industry players.

Our value proposition contemplates generating all kinds of alliances, synergies and cooperation between the most diverse market players, aiming towards a collaborative ecosystem.

We seek with our services to be a tool that contributes to energize market players, helps them cooperate and generate joint businesses, making the market grow for all (win-win).


High complexity financial advice

For this specialized service, we have an alliance with the consulting firm MC&F led by the renowned financial consultant, Enrique Díaz, who provides us with the necessary technical support in the financial (non-legal) aspects of complex issues: licenses, business management, market growth, among others.


Transactional advice

For this specialized service, we have a strategic alliance with Legal Ventures, a firm specialized in comprehensive advice to investors, which includes start-ups, entrepreneurship and family businesses. We work hand in hand to give you the best service. We work hand in hand with Alberto Arrieta, a highly experienced corporate lawyer, to provide you with the best service.