Financial regulation

Financial regulation

Our financial regulation team is made up of highly experienced attorneys, who will advise you on a variety of issues and products:

  • We analyze the legal viability of various financial products.

  • We develop alliance strategies or Partnerships with stakeholders.

  • We advise on financial licenses, with an emphasis on digital licenses.

  • We generate the best legal strategy for your access to the Peruvian market (softlanding).

  • We analyze the scope on the business of prudential regulations, market conduct, consumer protection and personal data.

  • Also on the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism (PLAFT), information security, competition and others.

  • We prepare contractual terms and conditions, policies, internal regulations and the legal documentation necessary for your financial operations.

  • We do impact analysis and adaptation to the regulations of the authorities.

  • We monitor regulatory projects and analyze their impact on the company.

  • We develop proposals for regulatory improvement and we accompany you before the authorities.

  • We hold ad hoc expert workshops on financial regulation.

  • We provide financial tax advice.

We have personalized advice

We seek to be the legal support that helps develop a more efficient and inclusive financial market.