Market information and analysis services

Market information and analysis services

We have a team capable of studying new market trends, perspectives on the most sensitive issues and detecting bottlenecks in the financial market.

In this field, we develop the following lines of work:

  • We conduct studies, reports and research on the local and regional financial market and prospects.

  • We generate strategies to align the client’s objectives with public policies related to the development and growth of a collaborative financial ecosystem.

  • We carry out an in-depth regulatory analysis, from a strategic point of view.

  • We anticipate future regulatory trends to plan scenarios.

  • We do regulatory impact analysis.

  • We support the development of public policies.

  • We provide strategic support to generate more competition, unblock regulatory barriers, drive digital transformation and generate greater financial inclusion.

We have personalized advice

We seek to be the legal support that helps develop a more efficient and inclusive financial market.