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Our history

Vodanovic Legal was officially born in January 2017, founded by Ljubica Vodanovic, a Peruvian lawyer who is an expert in banking, financial and FinTech regulation and a promoter of innovation and new technologies for the development of the financial system, at the regional level. She has a Master of Laws with a specialization in banking and financial law from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (2003) and has more than 20 years of experience, having served as lead lawyer in the Legal Department of the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance and AFPs, the Peruvian financial system regulator. Additionally, it is a highly recommended leader in its specialty in the main international rankings of the legal market.

The work of Vodanovic Legal is also supported by a team of professional experts, co-led with María del Carmen Yuta, partner and expert lawyer in banking, financial and FinTech regulation; with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, having served in the Legal Department of the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance and AFPs. In addition, he has specialized studies at the Nuovo Istituto di Business Internazionale, in Milan (Italy), where he followed an Executive Master.

We are an expert firm with purpose

Our purpose is to promote a competitive financial industry, with financial inclusion. This implies the growth of the banking, financial and FinTech market and getting more people and companies to be included. To that end, we provide specialized consulting and legal services to companies of all types and sizes. We work especially with current and potential market leaders, whether local or international; We generate alliances and synergies between all the actors, promoting a collaborative ecosystem. In a complex and specialized market, we value technological innovation as a key means to differentiate ourselves, generate greater competition, more inclusion and improve services to the end customer.

We generate local, regional and global alliances

Our value proposition seeks to generate all kinds of alliances, synergies and cooperation between the most diverse market players, aiming towards the construction of a collaborative ecosystem that helps fulfill our purpose. We seek with our services to be a tool that contributes to energize market players, helps them cooperate and generate joint businesses, making the market grow for all (win-win).


We seek the greatest impact, promoting that global leaders look to Peru

Our goal is for more people and businesses to benefit from the growth of the financial industry. For this reason, we work especially so that leading brands and global innovators see Peru as a great business opportunity and achieve the greatest possible impact on the ecosystem. In this sense, our organization develops four service units that are interrelated: Financial regulation, transactions, financial compliance and information systems and market analysis.


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A nivel global, se habla cada vez más del Bitcoin, si sube o baja de valor. ¿Conocemos realmente el mundo de criptomonedas y activos digitales? Es importante conocerlas pues serán alternativas al dinero efectivo y estarán cada vez más con nosotros.

0125 October, 202125 October, 2021


Hablamos con ella sobre la evolución de los servicios financieros digitales en el contexto de la pandemia del Covid-19, del impacto que generará la transformación digital en el modelo de negocios financieros tradicional y de los servicios de Vodanovic Legal.

0125 October, 202125 October, 2021

“Peru ranks third in the use of payments with applications in LatinAmerica, only surpassed by Mexico and the Dominican Republic”

Founder of Vodanovic Legal, a Peruvian boutique dedicated to financial services advisory and the promotion of financial inclusion, Ljubica Vodanovic, shares her expertise on the impact of Covid 19 and the latest trends in Fintech.

0217 September, 202117 September, 2021